Monday, November 28, 2011

This Thanksgiving weekend

This Thanksgiving weekend

Homemade Pumpkin Cheesecake

Perfumes tested
 - Burberry London

How they were tested:
Left wrist --> Juicy Couture
Right wrist --> The Beat
Left (back of) hand --> Fantasy
Right (back of) hand --> Brit

Left hand --> Viva La Juicy
Right hand --> London

Black Friday testing
I was testing Juicy Couture in hopes of purchasing it on special for Black Friday, but after spraying the tester on me, the hoped-for Wonder Tuberose turned. It turned on my skin. I suspect the fruity top notes went sour on my skin. If it wasn't so fruit-laden, it would be perfect. I still like it. Just not on me.

The Beat just ended up smelling bad. I know it's supposed to be fresh, but it's just obnoxiously fresh. And bad.

Brit smelled fresher than expected. I expected it to be a warm scent, not a crisp freshness.

Fantasy was the surprising standout. Warm vanilla base with flowers. Especially orchid. Orchids love my skin.

With my cousins, each of them smelled hand and wrist, determining which is the best of the four. All agreed that Juicy Couture "turned" and that The Beat wasn't good. Brit was deemed okay and Fantasy was the clear winner. That is until I told them the name. When I said "Britney Spears Fantasy" of the deemed favourite, they recoiled in disgust. "Britney Spears?!" They were clearly turned off.

Lesson learned: call it something different when worn

Sunday testing
Viva La Juicy was surprisingly better than the original Juicy Couture as all I have heard about Viva La Juicy is that it's sweet, sweet, sweet. It turned out similar to Fantasy - a warm vanilla base with flowers. This time it's gardenias, not orchids and Viva La Juicy is "fresher" than Fantasy. As in Fantasy is heavier (and therefore stronger) than Viva La Juicy. Both are strong. This is a very good thing in my book.

Unlike the warm and playful Viva La Juicy, London is prim and sophisticated. London is very floral with lots of honeysuckle and jasmine. London is a strong white floral. I prefer London over the other Burberrys. London is crisp, but not fresh. Floral, but not meek.

I don't like putting ages to fragrances, but if I had to, I would say that Viva La Juicy is a young woman who is friendly and likes to have fun. London is older and a professional with sophisticated tastes. I can't help doing this as I have read many reviews that cast-type fragrances by age.

I like to describe fragrances in terms of personality and situation. Viva La Juicy is more of an everyday/fun fragrance that is warm and friendly. London is a professional fragrance. Something one would wear to work or when she wants to be taken seriously. Another good professional fragrance is Calvin Klein Beauty. Beauty is warmer than London and has a "floral oil" feel to it.

Out of the two, my mom like London better. One, she likes the smell. Two, Burberry is name brand. "Juicy Couture? That's a no-name brand!" Although, I buy perfume for the smell, not the brand-name label smacked on the bottle.

Buy in the future
 - Britney Spears Fantasy 30 ml 50 ml (the Amazon supported 30 ml isn't up anymore)
 - Viva La Juicy 30 ml
Viva La Juicy Super Deal

They're similar enough so if I get just the pure parfum of the Viva La Juicy, I won't be missing out on the Fantasy.

Club Foot

Yes, I'm on a Kasabian streak. Along with blues-y White Stripes with a dash of The Kills thrown in.

Discontinued finds
 - Paloma Picasso at Costco
 - Ralph Hot at Kohls
 - All of Escada at Kohls
 - original Chloe (1975 version) at Kohls
 - Betsey Johnson at Kohls
 - L by Gwen Stefani at Kohls
Note that I did not buy them, I just noted that they were there. Although my mom urged me to get Paloma Picasso instead of Womanity. Again, Thierry Mugler is a "no-name brand". Now if only Kohls sold Covet...

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