Monday, December 12, 2011

Videos of the Days

Sunday's Video

The White Stripes - Death Letter / Little Bird

Live in 2001

This was the first session for the John Peel Show on BBC Radio 1, recorded at BBC Maida Vale Studios, London, UK, 25th of July 2001. source

One the the great White Stripes songs. A cover of  Son House, a blues legend. Jack White said in the documentary, It Might Get Loud, that his favourite song is Son House's Grinnin' In Your Face. That was the song that inspired him to go into blues. As you may know, The White Stripes' prominent songs aren't blues. They had a blues-rock album De Stijl that came out in 2000, a year before White Blood Cells and a year before Fell In Love With A Girl. White Blood Cells is more garage rock than blues rock, but is nonetheless very good.

Enjoy this White Stripes classic and of Jack White rockin' out on his guitar.


Today's Video

Digitalism - Circles

I love Digitalism. They're one of my favourite bands. I am glad to see that they made Fifa again (Pogo was on the 08 Fifa). They have really good songs that I love and listen to over and over again.

I read this somewhere, but I don't remember where, but I think it's an interview of the band. They said that Franz Ferdinand is rock music you can dance to and their [Digitalism's] music is dance music you can rock to. 

I have listened to Idealism many, many times and am glad that they made a new album, I Love You Dude, which came out earlier this year. 



Reviews pending...

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Videos of the Week

Since I have not posted since Monday, I shall make up for it by posting five videos today and call it Videos of the Week. Ya know, since I haven't posted all week long.


Tuesday's video

Kasabian - Empire

My favourite Kasabian song. The one I will never get sick of. Ever.

This video is so well made. Great visuals, actual plot, good acting, relevant costumes. Also, the video actually makes sense with the lyrics. Good job guys.


Wednesday's video

A reader recommendation. You can read his blog here.
"Embeding disabled by request"


Thursday's video

Target Women - Carl's Jr

Those women don't eat those hamburgers... 

One burger has over 1000 kcal ( Not to mention if you "combo" it and get deep-fried potatoes and drinkable ice cream/calcium-blocking sugar water. Also, Carl's Jr offers no valid pescetarian/vegetarian/vegan options. This sucks for travelling in the States, as many roadways only have fast food options. If you're lucky, there'll be a Starbucks nearby (they have veggie options - in their food; Starbucks serves food too).


Friday's video

A second reader recommendation. Blog.

An awesome live performance by the Cranberries. I love large, incredibly happy to be there crowds.


Today's video

The Black Keys - Lonely Boy

A fabulous video of a man having fun and dancing. I like the part where someone is peeking through the video and realized that they're filming and hides. "I didn't know you guys were doing it today!"

Their new album El Camino is out now.



- The League
- Curb Your Enthusiasm


Reviews pending as I have just recovered from post-finals exhaustion. 


UCs are done with finals - good job guys!

Good luck to the USC students who still have a week to go!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Video of the Day

Viral Video Film School by Brett Erlich - Construction Fails

I've always wondered what construction workers do all day. Now I know.

My favourite part is the pool video.

I'm done with finals! Yay! Actual reviews coming soon!

In the meantime, here's a link to my fragrantica for my other reviews. The existing reviews are soon to be transcribed and fleshed out on this site. I shall also do another trial for more in depth reviewing. Ya know, so it's better. That's what I do for you guys. I give better reviews for my readers than for random people. Go you.

My fragrantica

For those of you who are still suffering through finals still studying for finals, good luck to you. For those you who are like me and done - We're free*! 

* = until the next quarter/semester starts

Sunday, December 4, 2011

More Kohl's finds

Jean Paul Gaultier Ma Dame
buy link
review by Robin of Now Smell This

Lanvin Arpege
buy link
review by Angela of Now Smell This
review by Gaia of The Non Blonde

Dsquared2 She Wood
buy link

Moschino Glamour
buy link

Moschino I Love Love
buy link

Lolita Lempicka Fleur de Corail / Coral Flower
buy link

Karl Lagerfeld Sun Moon Stars
buy link

Ck Calvin Klein Escape
buy link

Ck Calvin Klein Eternity Moment
buy link

They also have good deals on Juicy Couture 30 ml. Viva La Juicy 30 ml gift set. It's 9 usd less than getting the 30 ml by itself at Sephora.

The fragrance's name links you the Fragrance Encyclopedia on Fragrantica and shows a listing of notes and what accords are featured and which are prominent in the composition.

The buy link leads you to the Kohl's website, where the fragrances are available for purchase.

I have also included some reviews on the fragrance by some of the bloggers I follow. I highly suggest the ones on Arpege.

I get nothing out of this. I am not associated with Kohls. I just noticed during a Black Friday Midnight Madness, that they had lovely discontinued fragrances. I thought I could only buy these online, but now I can get via a valid retailer.

I put this up for your benefit. I hope that you, the reader, can find your old perfume loves the way I did. They also have the entire new Escada stock (Island Kiss in a new bottle and two others).

I personally will get Ralph Hot, Jean Paul Gaultier Ma Dame, Calvin Klein Eternity Moment, and the Viva La Juicy gift set. Not all at once, just one at a time, in concurrence with the rewards system I set up for myself.

I know that some people have been trying to look for Arpege and Sun Moon Stars for awhile now. So, here it is.

Arpege is a rarity and an original fragrance from 1927. It was released around the same time as Chanel No.5 and both feature that aldehydic opening and beautiful floral heart.

I did not include the men's fragrances. Here's a link to the online men's fragrance section.

Happy (holiday) shopping!

Video of the Day

St. Vincent - Marrow

The first St. Vincent video I have watched. I am posting this because St. Vincent was mentioned by the professor of the class I am studying for now.

H.E.L.P. Help me. Help me. dododododododododododododododododo.

Help me, my last final is tomorrow!

Post-finals, I'll do some "real" posts. If I have the energy. We'll just wait and see.

Meanwhile, enjoy the musical stylings of the lovely Annie Clark!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Video of the Day

This is the first Viral Video Film School video I have watched and I've been hooked since.I find Brett Erlich to be a superior youtube viral video reviewer than Ray William Johnson. Why? Brett's actually funny funnier. I have to compare since I used to watch Ray William Johnson's videos. Also, I like Brett's intro. It's nice.

As someone who watches makeup tutorials and have been watching them for a few years now, I really like this video. It makes some norms of makeup tutorials seem silly and ridiculous.

There are some good points made in this video such as:
  • Silly/Stupid names for makeup products
  • (Personal Observation: Sick names for makeup products - looking at you Urban Decay and Nars)
  • Too many "looks" to count
  • Tightlining is scary and it feels weird. That's why I don't do it.

Also, some of the looks are ridiculous. The only channel I watch out of all the "gurus" mentioned is pixiwoo. Sam and Nicola Chapman (sisters) are very helpful and actual makeup artists. Also, I remember watching that video.

The one I really didn't like was the "Chanukah" look. That is not a Chanukah look. A Chanukah look is looking nice and presentable for one's family. Done up in naturals/neutrals. Not silver and blue. And not drawn over to look like a 80s hair metal reject. I highly doubt that woman is Jewish.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this introduction to Viral Video Film School. Please let me know if you want more or less of VVFS. 

I welcome Video of the Day suggestions (ie, more music, more comedy, etc). Have a good weekend!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Video of the Day

Fire by Kasabian

Live at T in the Park, a Scottish music festival, in 2010. A year after they released West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum, their third album, which the song "Fire" is on. Their latest, Velociraptor! was released this year, just a few months ago.

I would love to be there right now, instead of preparing for finals. One final in 36 hours, the other in 84 (Monday). It looks so fun in the video... they're have such a good time...

Anyways, enjoy this great song by this great band.

For anyone else, who is studying/cramming/stressing out about/for finals, good luck to you!! Remember, this is it! The last of it! After this, it's Holiday break! After finals, we can fun like the people in the video are! Best of luck!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Video of the Day

Beauty Contraptions by Sara Haskins of Target Women

In lecture today on Influence, we had a example of Social Proof using Infomercials. So, in honour of class ending, I have a video to show you guys. Of infomercials and how they Target Women.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Video of the Day

An oldie but goodie. Taco's Notarize Video on Hulu. From my favourite episode of Season 2 of The League. I particularly like Ruxin's commentary.

Monday, November 28, 2011

By week, not by day

I made a mistake with the "Quote of the Day". I'm afraid it has be "Quote of the Week". I might have to change the "Video of the Day" as well, but I'll see how it goes. But, for now, it's weekly. I'll see how I am post-finals.

Quote of the Day

[first lines
Stephane: ¡Un, dos, tres, cuatro! 
[Stéphane plays the drums, then the piano, then moves the cameras. "Stéphane TV"
Stephane: Hi, and welcome back to another episode of "Télévision Educative". Tonight, I'll show you how dreams are prepared. People think it's a very simple and easy process but it's a bit more complicated than that. As you can see, a very delicate combination of complex ingredients is the key. First, we put in some random thoughts. And then, we add a little bit of reminiscences of the day... mixed with some memories from the past. 
[adds two bunchs of pasta
Stephane: That's for two people. Love, friendships, relationships... and all those "ships", together with songs you heard during the day, things you saw, and also, uh... personal... Okay, I think it's one. 
[Red smoke comes out of the pot
Stephane: There it goes. Yes! Yes. 
Stephane: Okay, we have to run. 

Dreams by Stephane Miroux of The Science of Sleep

Video of the Day

Kate Bush - Running up that Hill

Weekend extension

Other discontinued fragrances seen at Kohls
Passion by Elizabeth Taylor
Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger
Ck Be by Calvin Klein
Dirty English by Juicy Couture (review)

Who knew Kohls was such a treasure mine for discontinued fragrances? They even have Versace's Red Jeans on their website.

Another perspective
I have decided to include links to other reviews for the mini reviews that I have conducted. I hope that these will give you another view smell to the fragrance.

Juicy Couture by Robin of Now Smell This
The Beat by Victoria of eaumg
The Beat by Robin of Now Smell This
Brit by Robin of Now Smell This
Fantasy by Robin of Now Smell This
Viva La Juicy by Victoria of eaumg

original Chloe (1975) by Yesterday's Perfume
Paloma Picasso by Gaia of The Non Blonde
Ralph Hot by Robin of Now Smell This
Gwen Stefani L by Robin of Now Smell This
Covet by Robin of Now Smell This

This Thanksgiving weekend

This Thanksgiving weekend

Homemade Pumpkin Cheesecake

Perfumes tested
 - Burberry London

How they were tested:
Left wrist --> Juicy Couture
Right wrist --> The Beat
Left (back of) hand --> Fantasy
Right (back of) hand --> Brit

Left hand --> Viva La Juicy
Right hand --> London

Black Friday testing
I was testing Juicy Couture in hopes of purchasing it on special for Black Friday, but after spraying the tester on me, the hoped-for Wonder Tuberose turned. It turned on my skin. I suspect the fruity top notes went sour on my skin. If it wasn't so fruit-laden, it would be perfect. I still like it. Just not on me.

The Beat just ended up smelling bad. I know it's supposed to be fresh, but it's just obnoxiously fresh. And bad.

Brit smelled fresher than expected. I expected it to be a warm scent, not a crisp freshness.

Fantasy was the surprising standout. Warm vanilla base with flowers. Especially orchid. Orchids love my skin.

With my cousins, each of them smelled hand and wrist, determining which is the best of the four. All agreed that Juicy Couture "turned" and that The Beat wasn't good. Brit was deemed okay and Fantasy was the clear winner. That is until I told them the name. When I said "Britney Spears Fantasy" of the deemed favourite, they recoiled in disgust. "Britney Spears?!" They were clearly turned off.

Lesson learned: call it something different when worn

Sunday testing
Viva La Juicy was surprisingly better than the original Juicy Couture as all I have heard about Viva La Juicy is that it's sweet, sweet, sweet. It turned out similar to Fantasy - a warm vanilla base with flowers. This time it's gardenias, not orchids and Viva La Juicy is "fresher" than Fantasy. As in Fantasy is heavier (and therefore stronger) than Viva La Juicy. Both are strong. This is a very good thing in my book.

Unlike the warm and playful Viva La Juicy, London is prim and sophisticated. London is very floral with lots of honeysuckle and jasmine. London is a strong white floral. I prefer London over the other Burberrys. London is crisp, but not fresh. Floral, but not meek.

I don't like putting ages to fragrances, but if I had to, I would say that Viva La Juicy is a young woman who is friendly and likes to have fun. London is older and a professional with sophisticated tastes. I can't help doing this as I have read many reviews that cast-type fragrances by age.

I like to describe fragrances in terms of personality and situation. Viva La Juicy is more of an everyday/fun fragrance that is warm and friendly. London is a professional fragrance. Something one would wear to work or when she wants to be taken seriously. Another good professional fragrance is Calvin Klein Beauty. Beauty is warmer than London and has a "floral oil" feel to it.

Out of the two, my mom like London better. One, she likes the smell. Two, Burberry is name brand. "Juicy Couture? That's a no-name brand!" Although, I buy perfume for the smell, not the brand-name label smacked on the bottle.

Buy in the future
 - Britney Spears Fantasy 30 ml 50 ml (the Amazon supported 30 ml isn't up anymore)
 - Viva La Juicy 30 ml
Viva La Juicy Super Deal

They're similar enough so if I get just the pure parfum of the Viva La Juicy, I won't be missing out on the Fantasy.

Club Foot

Yes, I'm on a Kasabian streak. Along with blues-y White Stripes with a dash of The Kills thrown in.

Discontinued finds
 - Paloma Picasso at Costco
 - Ralph Hot at Kohls
 - All of Escada at Kohls
 - original Chloe (1975 version) at Kohls
 - Betsey Johnson at Kohls
 - L by Gwen Stefani at Kohls
Note that I did not buy them, I just noted that they were there. Although my mom urged me to get Paloma Picasso instead of Womanity. Again, Thierry Mugler is a "no-name brand". Now if only Kohls sold Covet...

First Post

Who am I?

I am a university student living in the Los Angeles area.

Why blogging?

I like blogs. I read blogs. Many, many, many blogs. Now, I don't read all these blogs at once. I generally read a type of blog for a certain period of time, then stop. Some blogs I have been reading for years, others I have read for months. And others of others, just a few months, then I stop. Why do I stop? It's not that I lost interest in the subject, it's just that I don't have too much time in my day to read all that I'm interested in. Even though I don't read the blog anymore, I'm still interested in the subject.

Subjects I have interest in (via blog): 
 - makeup
 - fragrance
 - culture
 - music
 - minimalism
 - architecture
 - interior design
 - comics
 - social commentary
 - philosophy
 - psychology
 - art
 - graphics
 - finance
 - feminism
 - friends
 - ...and climbing...

I have included an example of each for all of the categories. There are more.

I discovered that I like like writing fragrance reviews via I like them so much that I am now blogging about it. Through another website, it's hard to get proper credit for one's reviews.

What will I be blogging about?

Perfume. Fragrance.

Mostly, I will be reviewing fragrances. I might add some other posts as well.

These other posts might be probably will be social commentary. I know a certain someone who has been looking forward to these...

Oh! and song(s) of the day/week/month. I know that Thom does this on Dead Air Space and I've always wanted to do it.

A special note to you, the reader(s)

Please comment. Feel free to make suggestions, ask questions, and speak your mind. As a fledgeling  blogger, I welcome all to comment.  

However, this comes with restrictions, as life comes with restrictions. 
1. Please do not sell stuff on this blog. This not a marketplace. There is a such marketplace where you may sell your wares. It's called eBay. Go there.
2. Please do not be a total arse. No one is asking you or encouraging you to unleash your catharsis on the Internet. Please do so someplace other than your basement.
3. And I just found this - please follow this

Thank you and happy reading!!