Sunday, December 4, 2011

More Kohl's finds

Jean Paul Gaultier Ma Dame
buy link
review by Robin of Now Smell This

Lanvin Arpege
buy link
review by Angela of Now Smell This
review by Gaia of The Non Blonde

Dsquared2 She Wood
buy link

Moschino Glamour
buy link

Moschino I Love Love
buy link

Lolita Lempicka Fleur de Corail / Coral Flower
buy link

Karl Lagerfeld Sun Moon Stars
buy link

Ck Calvin Klein Escape
buy link

Ck Calvin Klein Eternity Moment
buy link

They also have good deals on Juicy Couture 30 ml. Viva La Juicy 30 ml gift set. It's 9 usd less than getting the 30 ml by itself at Sephora.

The fragrance's name links you the Fragrance Encyclopedia on Fragrantica and shows a listing of notes and what accords are featured and which are prominent in the composition.

The buy link leads you to the Kohl's website, where the fragrances are available for purchase.

I have also included some reviews on the fragrance by some of the bloggers I follow. I highly suggest the ones on Arpege.

I get nothing out of this. I am not associated with Kohls. I just noticed during a Black Friday Midnight Madness, that they had lovely discontinued fragrances. I thought I could only buy these online, but now I can get via a valid retailer.

I put this up for your benefit. I hope that you, the reader, can find your old perfume loves the way I did. They also have the entire new Escada stock (Island Kiss in a new bottle and two others).

I personally will get Ralph Hot, Jean Paul Gaultier Ma Dame, Calvin Klein Eternity Moment, and the Viva La Juicy gift set. Not all at once, just one at a time, in concurrence with the rewards system I set up for myself.

I know that some people have been trying to look for Arpege and Sun Moon Stars for awhile now. So, here it is.

Arpege is a rarity and an original fragrance from 1927. It was released around the same time as Chanel No.5 and both feature that aldehydic opening and beautiful floral heart.

I did not include the men's fragrances. Here's a link to the online men's fragrance section.

Happy (holiday) shopping!

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