Saturday, December 10, 2011

Videos of the Week

Since I have not posted since Monday, I shall make up for it by posting five videos today and call it Videos of the Week. Ya know, since I haven't posted all week long.


Tuesday's video

Kasabian - Empire

My favourite Kasabian song. The one I will never get sick of. Ever.

This video is so well made. Great visuals, actual plot, good acting, relevant costumes. Also, the video actually makes sense with the lyrics. Good job guys.


Wednesday's video

A reader recommendation. You can read his blog here.
"Embeding disabled by request"


Thursday's video

Target Women - Carl's Jr

Those women don't eat those hamburgers... 

One burger has over 1000 kcal ( Not to mention if you "combo" it and get deep-fried potatoes and drinkable ice cream/calcium-blocking sugar water. Also, Carl's Jr offers no valid pescetarian/vegetarian/vegan options. This sucks for travelling in the States, as many roadways only have fast food options. If you're lucky, there'll be a Starbucks nearby (they have veggie options - in their food; Starbucks serves food too).


Friday's video

A second reader recommendation. Blog.

An awesome live performance by the Cranberries. I love large, incredibly happy to be there crowds.


Today's video

The Black Keys - Lonely Boy

A fabulous video of a man having fun and dancing. I like the part where someone is peeking through the video and realized that they're filming and hides. "I didn't know you guys were doing it today!"

Their new album El Camino is out now.



- The League
- Curb Your Enthusiasm


Reviews pending as I have just recovered from post-finals exhaustion. 


UCs are done with finals - good job guys!

Good luck to the USC students who still have a week to go!

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