Saturday, December 3, 2011

Video of the Day

This is the first Viral Video Film School video I have watched and I've been hooked since.I find Brett Erlich to be a superior youtube viral video reviewer than Ray William Johnson. Why? Brett's actually funny funnier. I have to compare since I used to watch Ray William Johnson's videos. Also, I like Brett's intro. It's nice.

As someone who watches makeup tutorials and have been watching them for a few years now, I really like this video. It makes some norms of makeup tutorials seem silly and ridiculous.

There are some good points made in this video such as:
  • Silly/Stupid names for makeup products
  • (Personal Observation: Sick names for makeup products - looking at you Urban Decay and Nars)
  • Too many "looks" to count
  • Tightlining is scary and it feels weird. That's why I don't do it.

Also, some of the looks are ridiculous. The only channel I watch out of all the "gurus" mentioned is pixiwoo. Sam and Nicola Chapman (sisters) are very helpful and actual makeup artists. Also, I remember watching that video.

The one I really didn't like was the "Chanukah" look. That is not a Chanukah look. A Chanukah look is looking nice and presentable for one's family. Done up in naturals/neutrals. Not silver and blue. And not drawn over to look like a 80s hair metal reject. I highly doubt that woman is Jewish.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this introduction to Viral Video Film School. Please let me know if you want more or less of VVFS. 

I welcome Video of the Day suggestions (ie, more music, more comedy, etc). Have a good weekend!

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