Monday, December 12, 2011

Videos of the Days

Sunday's Video

The White Stripes - Death Letter / Little Bird

Live in 2001

This was the first session for the John Peel Show on BBC Radio 1, recorded at BBC Maida Vale Studios, London, UK, 25th of July 2001. source

One the the great White Stripes songs. A cover of  Son House, a blues legend. Jack White said in the documentary, It Might Get Loud, that his favourite song is Son House's Grinnin' In Your Face. That was the song that inspired him to go into blues. As you may know, The White Stripes' prominent songs aren't blues. They had a blues-rock album De Stijl that came out in 2000, a year before White Blood Cells and a year before Fell In Love With A Girl. White Blood Cells is more garage rock than blues rock, but is nonetheless very good.

Enjoy this White Stripes classic and of Jack White rockin' out on his guitar.


Today's Video

Digitalism - Circles

I love Digitalism. They're one of my favourite bands. I am glad to see that they made Fifa again (Pogo was on the 08 Fifa). They have really good songs that I love and listen to over and over again.

I read this somewhere, but I don't remember where, but I think it's an interview of the band. They said that Franz Ferdinand is rock music you can dance to and their [Digitalism's] music is dance music you can rock to. 

I have listened to Idealism many, many times and am glad that they made a new album, I Love You Dude, which came out earlier this year. 



Reviews pending...

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